Draftkits & Labels


USA DRAFTKITS  offers three sizes of draft kits for football (Standard, Large and MEGA) all of our kits are available in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 team versions. Our Standard kits ship with 16 Rounds.
**New this year - -  we've gone back to our roots and have brought back the Traditional fluorescent label designs in all three sizes as well as auction labels in the Large and Mega sizes

Along with our Standard Boards we offer the ability to CUSTOMIZE your draft board, by adding your League name, and Team names as well as draft order.

We include 400+ Player labels and another 30+ Blank Labels for your deep sleeper picks, with the most current and up to date player information. We update our lists daily so you get the most complete and accurate labels (unlike others who print in large batches - and fail to update). WE PRINT DAILY!